Andrew Malcher
Founder & Executive Chairman
Andrew Malcher is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who has shaped the direct response television (DRTV) industry in the UK and beyond, forging a name for himself as a true pioneer in this space. With over 25 years of experience, he has established an impressive business portfolio that spans both the UK and internationally, collectively generating over $2 billion in sales.

In the early stages of his career, Andrew saw untapped potential in the DRTV sector. He introduced innovative infomercials that took advantage of off-peak airtime to market diverse products, such as the Atkins Diet and Pilates. This foresight ushered in a new era for DRTV in the UK. Over the span of his career, Andrew has successfully launched more than ten 24/7 TV shopping channels, cementing his reputation as an industry pioneer.

His first significant milestone came in 1999 when he launched the UK's first ever 24/7 infomercial channel on BSKYB. This knack for innovation carried on; in 2001, he introduced the nation's first dedicated health channel. In 2003, he expanded into the sports sector, pioneering the Golf Channel UK and Golf TV Pro Shop, two 24/7 entertainment and shopping channels tailored for golf aficionados. This venture included a unique and exclusive broadcast license with Comcast-owned The Golf Channel USA, and involved successful partnerships with major golf brands like Nike, Taylor Made, Callaway, and Ping.

After successfully transitioning Golf TV Pro Shop to JJB Sports, the UK's leading sports retailer, in 2007, Andrew used his expertise to launch JJB Sports TV—yet another first for the UK: a TV shopping channel run by a national retailer.

But perhaps the pinnacle of his entrepreneurial journey occurred in 2008 when he founded High Street TV. This venture solidified Andrew's standing in the industry and featured a repertoire of groundbreaking products. It was also under this banner that he launched the game-changing NutriBullet, alongside its founder and creators, which has sold a remarkable 5 million units in the UK and 70 million worldwide. The product not only became a household name but also revolutionised wellness-centric consumer habits.

Fast forward to the present, Andrew is leveraging his insights through Brand Creations, his newest venture. In an exclusive distribution partnership with Tupperware for the UK market, Brand Creations employs a multi-channel "D² model" that is evolving the traditional Tupperware home party sales system. This unique approach incorporates a blend of digital platforms, dynamic DRTV infomercials that drives retail channels. And it's not just a UK phenomenon; this business model is currently being adapted across 30+ international markets.

Outside of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Andrew serves as an influential advisor and board member to the ERA, a non-profit organisation that champions the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry and direct-to-consumer business models. Through this role, he continues to be a driving force in setting the industry's future course.

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Neil Gilchrist
A seasoned executive, Neil brings over two decades of experience in global business strategy, supply chain management, and commercial leadership. His expertise extends across multiple domains such as customer relations, brand and product development, and operations.

Before Brand Creations Neil had a successful consultancy working with international manufacturing organisations delivering business, commercial and operational strategies.  Neil served as Commercial Director for Li & Fung Limited for over a decade managing cross-functional teams across multiple locations, including London, Manchester, Hong Kong, and China. In this capacity he lead teams responsible for key accounts with eminent UK retailers including Marks & Spencer, Boots, and Primark.

Neil's expertise in supply chain practices serves as a significant asset in today’s globalised marketplace. Under his guidance, Brand Creations Group has rapidly expanded its’ international reach with partnerships in over 50 countries.

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