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We Scale Products and Brands Globally Through the Unique Fusion of TV Infomercials & Strategic Digital Marketing

Leadership Experience
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True Multi-Channel Marketing & Distribution for Powerful Direct Responses
We are Brand Creations, a pioneering force specialising in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) product sales and brand growth. Our expertise lies in the innovative fusion of Direct Response Television (DRTV) and strategic Digital marketing.

We call this the D² Model and it combines the extensive influence of digital marketing with the persuasive pull of DRTV infomercials. This pioneering strategy propels products and brands into new channels, significantly amplifying their reach and impact.

Our mission is simple, yet powerful: to fast-track the global scaling of products and brands across all DTC and retail channels.

Our Approach

Pioneers in Direct Response TV Advertising
With 25 years of experience and reach across 50+ countries, we connect with over 2 billion shoppers through live shopping and engaging short and long-form TV infomercials.
Experts in Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Data-driven and customer-focused, we leverage the full spectrum of digital media channels to launch and scale products and brands.
Creative Content That Converts
Our in-house team produces captivating content for TV and digital campaigns, tailored to engage specific audiences and drive results.
Product, Supply Chain & Distribution Muscle
With partners in 50+ countries, we drive every DTC and B2B channel with local knowledge and distribution. We have developed an extensive global supply chain network, enabling us to manufacture a broad range of consumer products.

Partnering with Tupperware® to drive new channel growth and brand evolution

Brand Creations operates as Tupperware’s exclusive partner and distributor in the UK, responsible for the development of all channels of growth, all branded content and all product distribution. The application of Brand Creations’ unique D² model has revolutionised Tupperware’s previous reliance on home party sales. The introduction of the new, combined with targeted DRTV infomercials and dynamic social content, has driven rapid sales growth and brand evolution.

Beyond the UK, Brand Creations is working with Tupperware in over 30 other countries, each following the same successful pattern. The Tupperware brand is evolving: the brand’s outstanding product quality and ability to reduce food wastage is being brilliantly showcased to new audiences in new channels with new content, all around the world.
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How We Partner

Channel Expansion for Existing Brands
We unlock new channels for high-growth and legacy brands, guiding them into untapped direct response channels and global markets.
Launching and Scaling Innovations
We collaborate with inventors and startups to co-create and develop new products and brands.
Developing & Investing in New DTC Brands
We invest in scale-ready direct-to-consumer brands, partnering with them to unlock new opportunities.
At Brand Creations, we leverage our unique business model to establish dynamic strategic partnerships.

Our aim is to foster mutual growth, maximise value, and push innovation boundaries together.
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How Brand Creations Leadership Opened New Channels & Markets For NutriBullet

In an industry saturated with kitchen gadgets that come and go, NutriBullet stands out as a remarkable success story.

The product didn't just carve out a niche in the competitive Direct Response Television (DRTV) market; it became a household name, achieving an unprecedented sales volume that goes beyond mere numbers.
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Andrew Malcher
Founder & Executive Chairman

Meet Andrew Malcher, the entrepreneurial force with over 25 years of innovation in the Direct Response Television (DRTV) industry. From launching the UK's first 24/7 infomercial channel to spearheading the launch and growth of brands like NutriBullet through a unique business model, Andrew has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to spot opportunities and transform them into ventures of significant impact. His leadership has generated billions in sales and disrupted traditional market norms. Today, Andrew's vision and leadership continue to steer Brand Creations, which operates as Tupperware’s exclusive partner and distributor in the UK and 30+ countries worldwide, driving new channel growth and brand evolution.

Neil Gilchrist
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Brand Creations Group, Neil Gilchrist brings over 20 years of multifaceted expertise in global business strategy, supply chain management, and commercial leadership. Prior to leading Brand Creations, Neil has demonstrated his acumen as Commercial Director at Li & Fung Limited. Known for his specialised skills in South East Asian supply chain practices, Neil has overseen partnerships in over 50 countries, optimising global sourcing and driving the company's international reach.

We Are Backed by First-Class Investors and Advisors

Lenny Sands
Capital Brands / NutriBullet

Former owner and partner of Capital Brands Holdings, a developer, marketer and distributor of consumer products best known for the creation and launch of the global phenomenon, NutriBullet.

Pallak Seth
PDS Group

PDS Group is a global end-to-end sourcing and manufacturing platform serving the world’s leading brands and retailers. With operations spread across 22 countries, 3000+ employees, they have over 60 business verticals achieving combined sales in excess of $1.5 billion annually.

Neil Munn
BBH / ZAG / Unilever

Former Global CEO of Creative agency (BBH). Founder of start-up (ZAG). Business leadership (Unilever). Harvard Business School. Member of the UK Govt Council For Sustainable Business.

Gordon Black, CBE DL
Peter Black Holdings

Former chairman of Peter Black Holdings, who helped launch Adidas in the UK and was a major supplier to M&S for over 40 years, employing more than 4,000 workers and operating from over 30 locations in the UK and overseas.